Issa Food Holiday!


Hey Guys,

So its another one of those random food holidays that no one ever knows about until the day of. Lucky for you , you have a whole month to celebrate!

My friend and I spent the afternoon in Koreatown checking out a couple of really cute, trendy soft serve shops in honor of Ice Cream Month.


But first, because we're greedy ... we stopped at the Paris Bakery downstairs before heading up to Somi Somi.  They have a lot of beautiful pastries but *Honesty Hour*  they weren't that fresh or spectacular.  

However, that little cream cheese puff to the left was delicious!

Paris Bakery

First stop:  Somi Somi

Organic Soft Serve offering 4 flavors.

You've had to have seen this place all over Instagram!  Somi Somi is a cozy little soft serve shop in a K-Town mini mall that serves a mean Taiyaki. 

Okay , so we've finally made it upstairs to Somi Somi.  Kristen ordered the Matcha and Sesame Swirl with a macaroon.  I order the Ube and Milk swirl.  The Matcha|Sesame combo was a bold, distinctive flavor while the Ube|Milk duo was much more subtle.  Either way, both were delicious!

You can order them in a taiyaki filled with custard or azuki or you can just have it in a cup. 

So what is Taiyaki anyway?

Well , it's that cute little Japanese fish shaped cone we all love so much!

Taiyaki loosely translates to "Baked Sea Bream"  which is a type of fish native to Europe.

Somi Somi

Busman Organic Milk Bar

Organic Soft Serve offering 4 flavors.

After leaving Somi Somi,  we walked a block down to Bumsan Organic Milk Bar for even more soft serve!

This place is pretty dope.  They're inside of a small hot pink building serving a few flavors of organic soft serve ice cream.  I had the dragonfruit Lychee flavor and it was delicious!

Well that is the end of my ice cream adventures for the day but definitely not for the month!  Stay tuned into my Instagram story to see where I'll be going next and get out there and try some new spots of your own!