Happy Birthday Sera!


     There are very few moments in the year when we take the time to truly celebrate ourselves and for that reason I am always the obnoxious friend that insists on making a huge deal about everyone's birthday, no matter their age.  Ironically, this year when our birthday rolled around (I'm an identical twin) we didn't want to do much of anything.  I even suggested that we just have wine and watch Charmed re-runs in our PJs, which honestly still sounds like an amazing idea.  BUT , luckily we have a group of amazing friends that got us out the house and made our day extra special and I'm so grateful for them.


So what did we do!?


First, we went to dinner at the famous Barton G's in Weho.  I am honestly in love with the presentation of their dishes and it's great for instagram lovers but can I be honest with you guys for a sec?  The presentation was the only thing that I enjoyed here everything else was so basic and the service left A LOT to be desired but all in all , I'm glad we were able to check it out and spend time with friends/family.

Trap Lobster Mac

After leaving here we went to our local hookah spot for some chill fun.   Hookah is pretty big in our social circle.  There's about 5 hookahs between all of us and it's not uncommon to come over and be welcomed with Shisha and a glass of wine.  



The night was pretty chill, it was great just being around loved ones, meeting new friends and creating new memories.   We were even surprised with custom cakes with our picture on it!  

Welp, that's one more birthday in the books , I'll save Charmed and the wine for next year ;)