Road Trip!
Salvation Mountain


 I don't mind the long trips in the car with some yummy snacks and an awesome playlist so we can reenact several episodes of Car Karaoke.

I'm literally that obnoxious driver that you pull next to at a stop light and I'm singing and dancing intently to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary".  (If you've never heard of that song, go listen to it and you'll totally get it!)

ANYWHO,  I have several places on my road trip TODO list and yesterday I was able to check off a pretty fun one.

Salvation Mountain 

With work at 2p, we left the house at 5a, drove 3.5 hours to Calipatria, took in the view of this amazing man made mountain and sped back to West Hollywood!  Luckily I was able to make it 5 mins before my shift started, Yikes!


 What is Salvation Mountain?

Salvation Caves

Created by Leonard Knight in the 1980s, the Salvation Mountain is a colorful,completely man made mountain, covered in paint, uplifting words, and bible verses.  Below the mountain there are also painted, non-creepy, caves that you can explore.  

This DIY mountain was made up of old tires, clay, cement and wood and although Leonard has passed,  there are quite a few people who live next to the mountain that work to keep the art work in tact.  Primarily by making sure that you stay on the "Yellow Brick Road".   No seriously, they are playing no games.  Try not to step off the yellow or you'll hear about it. 

 This place is great for pictures!  I recommend you go just as the sun is coming up or just before it goes down.  We made it by 9a and the sun was so high and bright in the sky it was making it very difficult to get great photos that weren't shadowy or washed out.

I hope I've inspired some of you to take a quick trip to Salvation Mountain!  If you've already been, how did you like it?


Until the next adventure..