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Helpful Spanish Words and Phrases 


Here's a list of some words and phrases I found myself using a lot while in Cuba and although the Spanish is a tad different it should still work for any other Spanish speaking country.  I would encourage you to download the English-Spanish, Google translator to your phone so you're able to use it offline if necessary but it's always more fun to learn from the locals!  



1.  Hola - Hello

I know , super obvious right? But this is a word you will be wanting to use a lot when greeting those around you.

2. Como Estas - How are you

I always greet people with Hola, Como Estas because that's how I greet everyone, no matter the language. Your most common response will be

  • Bien, y tu (good and you?)  in which you can respond..

3.  Bien, También - Good Also


4. Habla Ingles? - Do you speak English

The response to this is likely to be ..

5. Poco - A little or Not much


6. No entiende/No Comprende - I don't understand


7. Lo Siento/ Siento- Sorry

8. Cuanto Cuesta- How much?

9. Mas o Menos - More or less

10. Pescado - Fish

11. Camarones - Shrimp

12. Cerda- Pork

13. Carne- Beef

14. Arroz- Rice

15. Moros o Cristianos-

Used in reference to white or brown rice with beans.  Moros references the Moors which are Africans while Cristianos represent white rice.  * I only out Moros out there*

16. Jugo - Juice

17. Donde Esta- Where is it?

18. Wifi- Wifi

19. Hermana- Sister

20- Novio/Novia - Boyfriend / Girlfriend

21. Para/ Para Tu- For/ For you

22. Desayuno- Breakfast

23. Almuerzo- Lunch

24. La Cena- Dinner

25. No Gracias- No thank you

26. Es Barata - It's cheap

27. Es Caro- It's expensive

28. Me gusta/ No Me gusta- I like/ I don't like

29. Que hora es? - What time is it?

30. Casa- House

31. Tengo Buen Dia - Have a good day

32. Hasta Luego- See you later

33. Dia / Semana / Mes/ Anos-  Day / Week / Month / Year

34. Como Se Dice- How do you say?

35. Que Camina -Which way

36. desPacito por favor- Slowly please